Dr. Sarita Verma

A year in review.

Meeting the NOSM Challenge.

This Year in Review report highlights some of the important work and milestones of 2021. What a year it has been! If someone had told me in July 2019 that I would be navigating NOSM through a pandemic, the insolvency of Laurentian University, and a transition from a medical school to a university, I would have likely run in the other direction. Fast forward to the last month of 2021, I am sprinting towards one of the most exciting transitions in Canadian history


Towards Health Equity and Beyond

Towards Health Equity and Beyond

Towards health equity and beyond. This year marks 780 MDs who have graduated from NOSM—55 self-identify as Indigenous and 165 self-identify as Francophone. In addition, 692 residents have completed NOSM programs. More than half of these health-care professionals have...


The Metropolis That Is Northern Ontario

The Metropolis That Is Northern Ontario

The metropolis that is Northern Ontario.There is a metropolis of people who come together across Northern Ontario to support NOSM. Our metropolis spans 800,000km2 and is made up of people working in synchronicity to recruit and retain doctors and health-care...


Tapping into the power of real-life superheroes

Tapping into the power of real-life superheroes

Tapping into the power of real-life superheroes.Currently, Northern Ontario is in need of at least 313 full-time physicians; including 126 family physicians, 86 in rural communities. We need 160 specialists, with the most pressing needs in the disciplines of...


Behind every superhero is a great researcher

Behind every superhero is a great researcher

Behind every superhero is a great researcher.Northern Ontario has many opportunities to expand NOSM learning sites. We will develop stronger relationships, explore new sites, align clinical education leadership with administration and broaden the Academic Health...


Superheroes in action

Superheroes in action

Superheroes in action(May 10 - November 15, 2021) There are many outstanding faculty, learners and staff at NOSM who make a difference in their community—they are the School’s superheros in action. Miigwetch, merci and thank you for your ongoing work and commitment....

A Year In Review

A year in review: Conclusion 

2021 was to be the Year of Social Action and Climate Change. It was that and more. In addressing the hurdles, NOSM had to be nimble and inventive while being responsive to the unique needs of our learners, staff, faculty and partners. We especially are grateful to our donors and stakeholders for their ongoing support through the uncertainty. 

As we move forward in meeting the NOSM Challenge 2025, we are relying on the federal and provincial governments, municipalities, schools, health-care providers, leaders, communities and partners to do their part in recognizing and addressing the social determinants of health in Northern Ontario. The future health and prosperity of our communities is dependent on it.

We need to address emerging technology, incorporating virtual care, particularly for remote communities, ensuring everyone has access to a comprehensive bundle of health services and supports at every stage of the health continuum. 

We need to align education programs with societal and community needs. 

We need to advance relevant, high quality, cost-effective and equitable health-care system transformation at the federal, provincial and territorial levels.

And, last but certainly not least, we need to carefully explore, acknowledge and address the challenges facing Indigenous communities and to develop a better understanding of culturally safe health care to meet their needs. The year 2021 was to address inequity and to be a voice for justice for underrepresented populations. 

I have spoken with more than 1,000 people in the past few months who are up for The Challenge. In this amazing journey across Northern Ontario, I discovered an ecosystem full of bio-human and cultural diversity that is so special, so wondrous and needs our protection. And amongst this, I discovered and learned about the superheroes who make up Northern Ontario and they make NOSM great, and they will make NOSM University the orchestrator and integrator of success. 

NOSM University presents a unique opportunity and a first in Canadian History. As the orchestrator, NOSM University will show the agility to respond to new challenges, the humility to understand community needs, and the vision to inspire change.  We will be the superheroes of this remarkable ecosystem, driving innovation, focusing on finding the answers, asking difficult questions and leading into the future.

Will you join our team of real-life superheroes to make an impact in the North? Will you join us in 2022 to make history?

Meeting the NOSM Challenge. A Year in Review

Meeting the NOSM Challenge

A Year in Review
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