The metropolis that is Northern Ontario.

The metropolis that is Northern Ontario.

There is a metropolis of people who come together across Northern Ontario to support NOSM. Our metropolis spans 800,000km2 and is made up of people working in synchronicity to recruit and retain doctors and health-care professionals in the North. Stakes are high and expectations are higher.

 This year we have challenged NOSM faculty, staff, learners, partners and communities to push the boundaries and be innovative, brave and bold. During a year of climate change and social justice, there is no question that NOSM’s unwavering, ongoing determination had a critical impact. Our interconnected community of physicians and health-care providers and learners in Northern Ontario are the backbone, foundation and hope for the future of our health-care system. NOSM’s progress depends on this complex family of health professionals, alumni, faculty and clinicians who are passionate about educating the next generation of doctors.

 Learning at NOSM means strong ties with remote, rural, Indigenous and Francophone communities and partnerships with more than 100 organizations. More than 1,800 clinical, human and medical sciences faculty are teaching in more than 90 communities.

 We know that where learners choose to train is a strong predictor of where they will choose to practise. NOSM has become internationally recognized for its social accountability mandate. We teach our learners in Northern communities where they’re needed most. NOSM’s Doctor’s Wanted campaign highlights the enriched opportunities that exist across the region for medical students to pursue their residency training. 

This extensive network means that each of us has had a hand in this success. If you have received care in Northern Ontario, it’s realistic that you have been seen by a NOSM faculty member, alumni, or learner. There are quite literally thousands of people across the region who support NOSM’s programs.

As we transition into Canada’s first stand-alone medical university and expand our partnerships, seats, and programs, we look forward to equally advancing the support, education and wellness of our learners, faculty, staff, teachers and allied health professionals. 

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