Making History

NOSM University makes history as the first independent medical university in Canada

This is an extraordinary time to be involved with NOSM University. In less than 20 years, our strong and mighty institution has graduated more than 800 MDs with more than 700 residents who have completed NOSM programs. We estimate that so far, nearly 200,000 Northern Ontarians have been helped by a NOSM graduate. 

Northern Ontario is our campus, and we have built a unique, distributed, community-engaged learning model that has grown into something truly remarkable. This model requires strong ties with remote, rural, Indigenous and Francophone communities. NOSM University will continue its partnerships with more than 500 organizations, in 90-plus communities, and with more than 1,800 faculty across the entire region.

With our newfound independence, we will strengthen our relationships, broaden our reach, and drive forward our vision for social accountability and equitable access to health care in the North. We now vault forward with the priorities identified in The NOSM Challenge 2025 strategic plan: renew curricula, establish new programming, expand on our strategic directions and more, all with the autonomy to go in the direction that makes the most sense for the betterment of health equity in Northern Ontario. This is an unrivalled and momentous endeavour. 

In this report, we celebrate NOSM University’s roots by highlighting key milestones from the past 20 years. Read about the mark we are making in embodying health justice, opening doors for BIPOC women in medicine, empowering future learners, and changing the status quo by making NOSM University the research nexus for the North. 

Far from a break with the past, NOSM University is a seamless continuation of the work done by so many to make it the single greatest resource for health and wealth in Northern Ontario.

Collectively, so many people have been involved along the way. I want to thank you all. We are truly a village of movers and shakers! Those who came before us with this incredible vision created the successful foundation of NOSM University—now some 20 years in the making. Thank you to everyone who has helped to build upon the legacy of that vision, which has led to today and to this incredible moment.

We have a lot more work to do. Just imagine what we will look like in 50 years. We will all take the next steps together. NOSM University is, and will always be, rooted in the North.

Dr. Sarita Verma
President, Vice-Chancellor, Dean and CEO
NOSM University