Strategic Direction 5:

Becoming a University

Since the last report in November 2022, the appointment of the new Board of Governors and Chancellor has occurred. The elections for the Senate are underway. The transition Senate has passed a revised bylaw which clarifies the procedures for the numbers and elections of Senators by division.

NOSM University received five additional seats to the MD program this year as part of the Province’s medical school expansion plan. The total intake class amounted to 74 which included five in the Military Medical Training Program. Negotiations with the MCU and MOH have been occurring for expansion funding. Discussions with both ministries on addressing the budget deficit for NOSM University have been ongoing.

The visit by Minister Dunlop on December 12, 2022, resulted in significant conversations about this funding shortfall and the lease issues with Lakehead University.

The inaugural Provost has been appointed and changes in reports for that position are occurring as of February 1, 2023.

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