Strategic Direction 3: 

Innovate Health Professions Education

The Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) team visited and assessed NOSM University from October 23-25, 2022. Their report has been received and is a very strong assessment of the NOSM University MD program. Although it will not be official until formally approved by the CACMS Committee in the spring, we are delighted by the positive feedback we received. With that proviso, the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education and his team should be congratulated for their immense work.

At the last survey in 2020, there were 23 elements requiring attention, of which at this draft there are only four elements noted as unsatisfactory and six that are requiring monitoring. The latter are because they relate to initiatives that have just begun under our new university status such as, learner support services that were previously under Laurentian University and Lakehead University. Of note, NOSM University was commended for its seamless transition to a university and for its commitment to EDI and anti-racism.

 The admissions process for the 2023 MD class is underway, as is the residency match for July 2023. Additional details will be provided in the spring and winter reports once these competitions are complete.

Creating a safe learning environment is a critical aspect of our work in 2023. Several major changes are occurring to shore-up learner supports and address learner complaints of mistreatment.

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