Dr. Sarita Verma

This last year has carried us on an incredible journey of transformation and celebration. On April 1, 2022, NOSM University became Canada’s only independent medical university. Then, the extraordinary news that the brilliant, nationally-lauded scholar-activist Dr. Cindy Blackstock would become the inaugural Chancellor. On May 26, 2023, Dr. Blackstock will be formally installed, and we will confer, for the first time as a University, degrees to the MD class of 2023.

The winds at Queen’s Park have been blowing favourably in our direction, too, with NOSM University receiving the lion’s share of the expansion positions announced by the provincial government. This means we can accept more MD students and residents into our programs. In fact, by 2028, through a gradual, incremental approach, we will offer a total of 108 seats, nearly doubling the capacity of our MD program; at the same time, we will almost double our postgraduate positions.

As you will read in our feature piece, “The Future Will See You Now,” NOSM University has also attracted the support of some very astute and generous philanthropists in the last year. Their millions of dollars in gifts signal a new era for NOSM University, one defined by the next stage of our institutional maturation. Our evolution will continue to be marked by excellence, integrity, and ingenuity.

In the last year, our people have been promoted, awarded, and fêted; our students have learned, grown, and shown us by example what health equity in medicine can really mean. We have recruited our first Provost, Board of Directors, and Senate—exceptional people, one and all. And, though some of our partnerships have changed on paper, nothing has changed in our mutual resolve to work together toward a healthier North.

The entire NOSM University team, supported and guided by the executive leadership group, continues to amaze me. I cannot say enough how deeply grateful I am for everyone’s efforts. This spring report is dedicated to the annual review of the University; I know you will read this and, like me, come away feeling impressed, inspired, and hopeful.

Miigwetch, thank you, marsi, merci,
Dr. Sarita Verma
President, Vice Chancellor, Dean and CEO
NOSM University