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As Canada’s first-ever independent medical university, NOSM University is doing everything it can to help marshal doctors to where they’re needed most.

As a part of our strategy, we’ve identified the need to lighten the tuition load for our students, and even the playing field for Northern learners. NOSM University students graduate with twice the debt of students at other medical schools in Canada. It is not because we are more expensive: it’s because we recruit from the North, for the North, and typically, people in the region do not have access to the same financial and social means as students in the south. In 2022, we committed to raising the first $50 million for NOSM University’s Student Endowment Fund.  

Thanks to the vision of FDC Foundation who gave NOSM University $10M to match every donation for student financial aid, we have successfully attracted new donors and re-engaged lapsed donors to achieve $20,107,175 in endowments. In addition, NOSM University has received its endowments previously held at Laurentian University which brings the first $50M initiative to over $34M. We expect that the endowments from Lakehead University will flow soon, and this will take us very close to achieving our target.

Although our plan is to raise $50M in endowments, the momentum garnered by FDC Foundation’s matching program generated much more interest in giving to NOSM University. As a result, we are delighted to see a total of $24,450,753 raised since May 1, 2022, when we launched The Future Will See You Now initiative.

NOSM University dares to imagine a future with a strong health-care system without doctor shortage in Northern Ontario, and everyone has access to the culturally competent care they deserve, closer to home. We are exploring a future in which NOSM University will deliver new opportunities in research and education, and flexible learning experiences tailored to exactly what students want to achieve. We also imagine a future in which student debt-loads are alleviated, so that new doctors do not have to decide between a bigger paycheck and a calling to serve the North. All of this starts with investing in NOSM University’s students. All of it helps to improve health equity. 

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