Dr. Sarita Verma
Cover of Report: Integrity on a concrete foundation


“If you have integrity, nothing else matters.
If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” 

— Alan K. Simpson

Integrity is nothing if not in the doing.

It’s the ongoing tally of what we do: support, advocate, work. But it’s also a state of mind: what we weigh, consider and feel. 

It’s action after action that demonstrate our character and moral rectitude.  That’s what counts. 

At NOSM University, integrity is the foundation of everything we do. Social accountability is in our DNA; equity, diversity and inclusion have been our aim. But, as you’ll learn in Dr. Joseph LeBlanc’s feature piece, we can and must go further, and must constantly learn and learn anew. 

To instill and mobilize what we learn as we continue to teach, research and work is a matter of integrity. 

In fact, it is the very least we owe to our friends and neighbours in Northern Ontario.  

At the heart of it, integrity is what defines us as a University. And we’ll keep learning and doing what we think is right; it’s the only integrity move. 

Miigwetch, thank you, marsi, merci,

Dr. Sarita Verma
President, Vice Chancellor, Dean and CEO
NOSM University